Why Gold Why Now? It makes more sense now than ever to allocate to precious metals !

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The last 18 months have brought the most significant changes and uncertainty our country has ever seen. Many do not trust any news source, the government, the elections, and more. The stock market has gone up during a time of total uncertainty along with the economy. There is no clear data on how much damage the pandemic has caused.

Why use bullion?

Gold and Sliver bullion coins trade at the lowest margins to the spot price of any other method of investing in these metals. There is little to any numismatic value which makes pricing significantly easier. Bullion is primarily struck by a handful of governments, so their values are known around the world, 24 hours per day.

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ETF's vs Physical Metal

Why not just invest in an exchange traded fund and not worry about shipping
storage and insurance?
There are exchange traded funds "ETF's" for almost everything. The Gold ETF Symbol= GLD offers investors exposure to actual bullion held in a vault. However, there is no mechanism to exchange your shares for metal. If there is a market crash, there is no certainty your ETF will not get caught up in the chaos. In addition, the markets and banks have been closed before! During the aftermath of 9-11, the markets were closed for an entire week! Physical metals are yours. They are priced outside the U.S. dollar and they can be help, spent or given as gifts. There simply is no substitute for a pure gold coin!

About Us

306 Gold Advisors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 360NetWorth, Inc The company was founded in 2003 by David Disraeli, a 35 year financial professional. David Disraeli has formed multiple businesses, helped hundreds of families with estate, tax and retirement planning. 360GoldAvdisors has relationships with prime dealers that allow for complete transparency, best pricing and advice.
There is as many ways to buy precious metals as there is mutual funds. Our focus is government minted, pure gold and silver coins recognized around the world. We DO NOT sell collectors items. For more information, fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. How can I buy gold or silver through you?

Cedar Park Gold Advisors is not a gold dealer.  Rather, we use dealers nationwide that provide us with preferred pricing.  We act as a consultant to help you form a portfolio that meets your needs.

2. Can I buy gold in an IRA?

Absolutely!  Certain forms of gold and silver are deemed “IRA Eligible”.  This means the IRS recognizes these investments as being eligible for purchase in a self-directed IRA.  However, you must have the metal stored by a recognized storage facility.  There are vaults all over the county for this purpose.  If you choose to have any metal shipped to you, it will be treated as a distribution, subject to all the IRS rules.

3. Why not buy ETF's or mutual funds instead of physical metals?

ETFs are designed to track the price of the underlying commodity.  However, you cannot demand your gold and in a market meltdown, you have no assurance the ETF will not drop with the rest of the market.  Lastly having gold or silver in your physical possession allows you to transact with other people in emergencies without a paper trail, anonymously.

4. How do I stay updated on the latest prices of what I own?

Obviously, spot gold and silver prices are easy to find.  However, bars and coins trade at a premium to spot.  Therefore, it is important to understand what you own and to compare apples to apples.  We can help you do that at multiple sites that are updated continuously.

5. How I get started?

The first step is to set up a free consultation by booking an appointment with an adviser under the “Let’s Talk” tab above.  We will answer all your questions and provide an action plan.  We charge a 2% margin on all our buys and $0% on sells.

4.9 Over 67 Reviews
I recently worked with David to establish a trust, draft a will, and transfer property deeds, and I couldn't be more pleased with his exceptional service. David's expertise, combined with his friendly and courteous approach, made the process seamless and even enjoyable. His ability to explain complex concepts with humor added a personal touch that set him apart. I highly recommend David to anyone in need of estate planning services; his professionalism, responsiveness, and good-natured approach make him a standout choice. I would gladly use his services again in the future.
The support I received from David far exceeded my expectations. He was very professional and was always available to take my call. I highly recommend David for you estate planning services. He was too notch to say the least! JR
David Disraeli is amazing. He helped my husband and I with our LLC and Estate Planning. He was available to answer any of our questions at any time of the day including the weekends. He has an amazing personality and professional tone. We strongly recommend anyone to hire him for whatever they are needing help with. You will learn quickly that he goes above and beyond for his clients making them his number one priority.
I reached out to David for somewhat of a unique situation and while he couldn't help me directly, he went out of his way to connect me with someone who could. Not just a referral either, he made personal introductions and followed up afterwards. You just don't see that level of care in the financial industry these days so I was really grateful (thank you). Plus, he's a wealth of knowledge. Definitely the kind of guy you want in your circle.
David was quick and very efficient in preparing my father's will, along with other documents. Great communication and understanding definitely gave my dad peace of mind. Highly recommend.
Very knowledgeable and helpful with our journey. He went above and beyond as our advisor will definitely be using again and highly recommended individual!

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